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Team Oikotan

Never-ending laughters, crazy ideations, embracing positive vibes, breaking down, rising from the ashes - these define us.


We are Team Oikotan.


We work hard, celebrate harder!

Founder Members



A happy-go-lucky boy next door who's into sports, fitness, traveling and of course music be it Rabindrasangeet or bollywood. Did I just forget to mention that I'm a big foodie too? Add a pinch of travel photography and sunset-chasing to the blend.

A social animal, who always keeps bonding over everything else...



I love to be full of life, the sunshine that everyone needs, the bouquet of joy this sad world desperately looking for, the positive vibe which can make wonders, a perfect cocktail of generosity and grace.

A millennial fashionista, who knows what trend is and what values are...




Apparently the quiet one in the group. Usually the person who you think to be calm and sorted. Beyond the apparent and usual, a curious mind that always has some new ideas to share. An avid reader, who prefers audio over visuals.

Gets turned on with creativity...

A passionate traveller with a calm demeanour - a happy soul - a good listener - a blessed person to have a caring family and friends around - an ardent foodie - a terrible liar - that's me in a nutshell.

Always intrigued by something constructive ...

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